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October 2018 News

There’s been some exciting changes happening behind the scenes at Emma-Kate Massage Therapist and it’s time to share them all with you.

Firstly, you may notice that Emma-Kate Massage Therapist has a new look. I’ve re-branded to better align myself with the new services I now provide. Say Hello to Emma Kate Massage Therapist – Massage & Well-Being.

For those that know my story you’ll know that I was born with a very rare heart condition.

I was given a 1% chance of life. I’ve been told my entire life that I’d need ongoing heart surgeries or worse – that I wouldn’t survive. I was told that I’d never reach adulthood, have children or live a normal, healthy lifestyle.

My spirited determination has helped me through many surgeries and picked me up when I’ve been seriously ill. I’ve gone on to have three beautiful children who have helped to push and drive me to beat the odds. My middle child, Rossi, was also born with a heart condition and underwent surgery as a baby. Together, we know how scary it feels to have life taken out of your hands and to be at the mercy of hospital visits and medical intervention.

Until three years ago…

I was taught the art of Mindfulness. Mindfulness put simply is allowing yourself to be in the moment. It has been a gift to both myself and my family and has allowed us to keep our heads above water. Since introducing a daily practice of Mindfulness, I have managed to come off all my heart medication for high blood pressure and no longer take pain medications. My sleep has improved, I am less tired during the day and I am able to cope with my daily life with ease. 

With this in mind, I made a conscious decision to further improve the services I could provide at Emma-Kate Massage Therapist. I want to provide an overall holistic approach to improving the well-being of my clients. In June this year I completed Level One Meditation Teacher Training through the Gawler Foundation. I will be returning in October to complete Levels Two and Three. 

I have also discovered the mind-altering practice of Positive Neuroplasticity Training (PNT). In July this year I completed PNT training through the remarkable Rick Hanson. PNT is about learning how to engage your mind through three fundamental steps of: Let Be, Let Go and Let In.

If you don’t already, please follow me on Facebook as over the coming months I’ll be sharing more about Mindfulness and PNT and how it can help to improve your overall well-being. All three of my services can stand-alone or work together to complement each other and strengthen your well-being.

I’ll also be updating my Facebook and Website with my beautiful new branding, thanks to Designerbloom Graphic Design.

If change isn’t your thing then please don’t worry – all my current massage services are still available. The introduction of Mindfulness and PNT is there to complement the services I already provide to those clients who are interested.

$10 off your next message...

This also acts as a timely reminder of the importance of booking your regular massage slots. I have become so busy both in my home studio and The Terrace Studio and I want to be able to fit you in. Please remember that if you refer a new massage client to me you will receive $10 off your next message as my way of saying ‘Thanks’.

I am also offering 10-15-minute onsite Workplace chair massages. If you or your Workplace is interested, please send me an email for more information. Check out my Facebook Page for the benefits of Workplace massage.

From 1 November I will be putting all my new training into action with the introduction of one-on-one Mindfulness sessions, and Workshops for corporate or large private groups. Once again, please email me for further information.

As a way of paying it forward I will also be working closely with Heart Kids Wellington to provide Mindfulness Workshops for heart children and their parents, heart adults and the wider family. As a grown-up Heart Kid and mother of a Heart Kid this is something I feel deeply passionate about.


Lastly, I have introduced doTERRA oils into my daily life along with my Massage, Mindfulness and PNT therapies. If you’re not familiar or want to know more about the benefits of doTERRA oils you can visit my doTERRA page. Keep an eye out on Facebook over the next few weeks as I’ll be running a doTERRA giveaway to introduce you to or enhance your love of these beautiful oils.

Thank you

If you’ve read this far – thanks for taking the time to let me share all my exciting changes with you. I can’t wait to see you at your next appointment. If you have any questions, please send me an email.

Emma-Kate x


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