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Let Be, Let Go and Let In with Emma-Kate Wellbeing

I’m so pleased you’ve landed here. You’re in the right place.

Has your lifestyle or life events separated the alignment of your body, mind and soul? Perhaps you’re carrying stress through your tired muscles, or your mind is feeling foggy – you’re no longer sure what way is forward. You’re not alone.

Living with pain, trauma, anxiety and overwhelm takes its toll. Physical and emotional fatigue takes its toll.

I’m here to support you to achieve freedom from tensions in your body, mind and soul. You deserve to feel at ease.

You're in safe hands | massage, mindfulness, resilience and health coaching Wellington

You’re in safe hands

As a dedicated Wellbeing Practitioner, I’m committed to strengthening your body, mind and soul – whether that’s through massage, mindfulness, resilience and health coaching or a beautiful blend of the practices.

I’m trauma informed  – which means I can safely adjust all treatments and techniques to gently navigate an approach bespoke to your needs.

The choice will always be yours. I can’t wait to meet you and guide you to wellness.

Here’s how I can support you in your wellbeing journey


Are you ready to achieve freedom from tensions in your body?

Your body deserves to feel at ease. I specialise in a range of massage to relax, revitalise, recover, relieve and restore. Massage techniques include therapeutic, relaxation, workplace chair massage, sports massage, Indian head massage, pregnancy, oncology, reflexology and hot & cold stone massage.


Are you ready to Let Be, Let Go and Let In?

Mindfulness, used as a therapeutic technique, connects you with the present in such a way that it allows you to discover habitual thought patterns and automatic behaviours. Mindfulness is a way of living in the present, rather than regretting the past or worrying about the future.


Are you ready to build and strengthen your inner resources?

Specialising in trauma and anxiety – resilience coaching supports you to build and strengthen your inner resources. Providing you with skills and coping strategies to manage life’s daily stressors and tough moments, live well and be well.


Are you ready to live your best life? To put your health first and commit to a lifetime of wellness.

As a PreKure Health Coach, I’m here to guide you, support you and hold you accountable – with kindness and compassion, always. Your health is too important, it’s time you put yourself first. We only get one life. It’s time to live well and be well.

Hello, I’m Emma-Kate

I’m a qualified massage therapist and wellbeing coach – specialising in mindfulness, resilience & health coaching.

My goal is to strengthen your wellbeing. To support you to live with freedom – in body, mind & soul. I’m here to inspire you, empower you and provide hope when hope may feel lost.

I work with people across the Wellington region and wider NZ to help them to achieve freedom from tensions in their body, mind and soul. I do this through tried and trusted massage and wellbeing treatments, techniques and coaching.

I’ve been on a journey from being led by my heart to, proudly, leading with heart. You can read about my heart story here to better understand why I believe so strongly in the power of massage, mindfulness, building inner resilience and improving health.

“I’ve been seeing Emma-Kate primarily for computer related issues to my right shoulder. Since having regular appointments, the pain has ceased, and my shoulder is getting better all the time. I have also had treatment after sports related issues, mainly tight muscles, which Emma-Kate always relieves after one appointment. I wouldn’t go anywhere else for massage now and always recommend her to others.” 

– Claire

Keynote or event speaking

I’m always happy to share my heart story and journey to better aligning body, mind and soul – especially when it helps other people. Please contact me if you would like to discuss keynote or event speaking.


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