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I’m your qualified Wellington Massage Therapist & NZ Wellbeing Coach

Hello, I’m Emma-Kate Woodham – Owner and qualified Massage Therapist & Wellbeing Coach.

Here at Emma-Kate Wellbeing my goal is to strengthen your wellbeing. To support you to live with freedom – in body, mind & soul. I’m here to inspire you, empower you and provide hope when hope may feel lost.

I work with people across the Wellington region and wider NZ to help them to achieve freedom from tensions in their body, mind and soul.

You’re in safe hands. I understand – I’ve been on a journey myself and I’ve watched my children travel the same journey. I spent many years being led by my heart to now, proudly, leading with heart – you can read about my heart story here to learn about my own personal journey.

My own journey, uniquely, allows me to empower and educate both from experience and on-going specialised training.

Strengthening your wellbeing and giving you back your quality of life

As your dedicated wellbeing practitioner – I’ve experienced, and seen, the benefits of massage, mindfulness, building inner resilience and improving health.

Massage allows your body to revitalise, rest, repair & recover – techniques can be adapted to any lifestyle pressure or life event. Mindfulness, resilience, pregnancy and health coaching allows you to understand the stages in your life and move towards living with self-compassion, freedom and improved wellness.

The choice will always be yours

You can choose between Massage Therapy or Wellbeing Coaching. Or you can experience the beautiful blend of the practices to truly align your body, mind & soul.

Your wellbeing matters

I’m committed to life-long learning – continually developing my practices so that I can bring you the best treatments and techniques to strengthen your wellbeing.

Massage Therapy Qualifications

The Wellington School of Massage Therapy

  • Certificate in Therapeutic Massage
  • Trigger Point Release Course
  • Applied Musculo-Skeletal Anatomy Course
  • Reflexology: Level 1

Mindfulness, Resilience & Health Coaching Qualifications


  • Behaviour as Medicine

  • Nutrition as Medicine

  • Fitness as Medicine

  • Mental Health & Mind Body as Medicine

  • Making Sense of Research

  • Medication & Navigating Health System

  • Certificate in Health Science

Teacher Training & Advanced Teacher Training
Gawler Foundation Mindfulness Teacher Training Modules 1 to 3 

Breathworks Mindfulness for Health & Mindfulness for Stress Courses

Meditation Teacher Training Module 1: Mindfulness Based Stillness
Meditation Teacher Training Module 2: Image and Contemplation
Meditation Teacher Training Module 3
Yarrow Valley living centres Australia 

The Emotional Culture Deck
Riders & Elephants 

The Strong Heart Relationship Programme
Positive Neuroplasticity Training and Professional Course
Rick Hason and Openground Mindfulness Training Centre, Australia

Deep Brain Reorienting Therapy

Coaches Rising - Neuroscience of Change

Coaches Rising  - The Power of Embodied Transformation

Yale University - The Science of Well-Being


Member of the Meditation Association of Australia


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