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Pregnancy & Postpartum Coaching - New Zealand

Feel deeply supported through your pregnancy, postpartum & new parenthood journey

No matter how many books you’ve read or classes you’ve taken, nothing prepares you for the physical and emotional changes that go along with pregnancy, childbirth and bringing your new baby home.

They say it takes a village to raise a child. But here at Emma-Kate Wellbeing I wholeheartedly believe that your village should surround you with care, compassion and support from the very moment you discover you’re expecting.

I’m here to be part of your village. From pregnancy and postpartum coaching to specialised pregnancy massage, my beautiful blend of education and experience grounds me in the knowledge that your pregnancy, postpartum and new parenthood journey can be a positive, uplifting and transformative experience.

How can Pregnancy & Postpartum Coaching support you?

The practice of being coached throughout your pregnancy, postpartum and new parenthood journey allows you to understand the different stages and how you can embrace them in a way that feels right for you.

I’m here to help you create a positive mindset around your pregnancy, in preparation for labour and birth and establish support structures that allow you to transition into the 4th trimester with your new baby at home.

When you work with Emma-Kate Wellbeing you’ll be guided by a wide range of meditation, mindfulness and resilience tools and techniques to help you live in the moment and feel connected, calm and confident in your journey.

Move toward feeling truly connected & empowered in your body

Alongside you, I’ll support you to release the fear and overwhelm and lean into a positive mindset that prepares you for your journey ahead - both physically and emotionally. 

From a one-off coaching session to a bespoke coaching package, or a truly transformative blend of coaching and pregnancy / postpartum massage - the choice will always be yours.

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“When I found out I was hapū I was over the moon and really wanted to prioritise preparing my tinana (body) and hinengaro (mind) for birth and beyond. After following Emma Kate Wellbeing for a while on social media I finally booked in for a massage and we immediately clicked.

I started seeing her from 26 weeks pregnant to help me work on my preparation and dream for a physiological birth. Our sessions also gave me time out from my busy life making valuable space for me to connect with my pēpi and my tinana and unpack some fears I had around the birth process. This was the part of our sessions I didnt realise I needed but am so grateful for. 

The massage helped my lower back, hip and shoulder pain hugely and I left every session feeling relaxed. My partner also booked in for some massages as we approached our birth journey as a team and both being present and mentally well for each other was a priority. 

I woke up at 39 weeks with some signs of early labour and had a beautiful massage in Emma-Kate’s Churton Park cabin that morning. Labour really started by about 1am that night and our darling pēpi arrived around 10am the next morning. I was able to have the physiological birth I wanted and a huge part of that was the confidence Emma-Kate helped me gain in my mind and my body.

 In a society where women's health is not prioritised as it should be and the whole pregnancy and birth process is not celebrated how it should be, this was a safe space for me that made me feel seen, heard and ultimately get the most out of my pregnancy and birth experience. These sessions were absolutely worth the investment and I will forever be grateful. I cant wait to go back for some postnatal work to help with healing! From one happy māmā.”

Pregnancy & Postpartum Coaching Investment

I’m a trauma informed practitioner - which means I can safely adjust all treatments and techniques to gently navigate an approach bespoke to your needs.

I stand for inclusivity, acceptance and empowerment and offer a safe space for neuro-diverse people and all people from rainbow, trans, queer, gender-diverse, non-binary and LGBTQIA+ communities.

Book your complimentary 30-minute discovery call. This is a chance for us to connect and see if I’m the right pregnancy and postpartum coach for you.

One-Off Coaching Session

90-minutes | $250

A one-off coaching session is a way to dive deep into a specific issue that may arise throughout your pregnancy, postpartum and new parenthood journey. 

From feelings of overwhelm, fear around birth and the transition to life with a new baby in your arms, I’m here to help you shift toward feeling connected, calm and confident.

Available via Zoom or in-person at one of my Churton Park, Wellington CBD or Kapiti Coast clinics.

The Pregnancy & Postpartum Journey Coaching Program

9 months | $1,199
12 months | $1,569

We were never meant to do it all alone. Through this 9 or 12 month coaching program, Emma-Kate Wellbeing truly becomes part of your village.

We begin by spending 90-minutes together via Zoom or in-person at one of my Churton Park, Wellington CBD or Kapiti Coast clinics. During this time we’ll look at what’s drawn you to pregnancy and postpartum coaching, your hopes and dreams for your journey, what’s holding you back, what emotions empower you to thrive, and how you can navigate this stage in your life so it’s a positive, uplifting and transformative experience.

Going forward, we’ll come together for a 60-minute session each month for the remainder of your coaching support package. Your session will be completely bespoke to your needs. You may choose to have your partner attend sessions with you - allowing both parents to connect with one another and have vulnerable conversations in a safe and accepting environment.

You’ll also receive fortnightly emails where I check in on your progress and include tips and resources to further support you.

The Pregnancy & Postpartum Journey Coaching Program combined with Massage

A way to truly reconnect your mind, body and soul with a beautiful blend of pregnancy / postpartum coaching and specialised massage treatments.

The coaching format will replicate the package above, but you’ll have a choice to add on regular 60 or 90-minute specialised pregnancy / postpartum massages to alleviate leg, back, hip and pelvic pain, reduce stress and anxiety, alleviate swelling, improve sleep, connect on a deeper level with your unborn baby, relax and prepare your body for birth and heal your body post-birth.

Massages are performed at one of my Churton Park, Wellington CBD or Kapiti Coast clinics on a custom massage table to ensure both mother and baby are kept comfortable.

9 months with 60-min massages | $2,129
12 months with 60-min massages | $2,809

60-Minute Massages

First 6 months - monthly (6 x 60-mins)
7-8 months - fortnightly (4 x 60-mins)
Last month - weekly (4 x 60-mins)
Postpartum (for 12-month packages) - monthly (3 x 60-mins)

9 months with 90-min massages | $2,539
12 months with 90-min massages | $3,349

90-Minute Massages

First 6 months - monthly (6 x 90-mins)
7-8 months - fortnightly (4 x 90-mins)
Last month - weekly (4 x 90-mins)
Postpartum (for 12-month packages) - monthly (3 x 90-mins)

Kind words from lovely clients

“Cannot recommend highly enough. I have seen Emma-Kate for a number of pregnancy massages. She takes a holistic approach and draws on all her expertise, knowledge and life experience, providing the best outcome for you as a client. Every massage leaves me feeling in safe, caring hands, allowing me to fully indulge and come away refreshed, feeling light, with reduced pain in my pregnant body. A massage treatment with EK is an investment you won't regret. Can't wait to try the postnatal treatments. I'm so happy I stumbled across Emma-Kate, apart from being amazing at what she does she's also an incredible, uplifting individual - which makes me think that she's a great coach too!”

– Nina

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Keynote or event speaking

I’m always happy to share my heart story and journey to better aligning body, mind and soul – especially when it helps other people. Please contact me if you would like to discuss keynote or event speaking.


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