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5 Lessons Learned from Becoming A Certified Elephant Pro Rider

In a 7-step-program I learned how to use the Emotional Culture Deck in various settings like at schools, and within families. I can now proudly call myself a Certified EDC Consultant. In this blogpost I want to share the 5 most significant lessons I learned on this Pro Rider journey....

May 18, 2022

What is the real cost of perfectionism?

On a couple of Saturdays, I asked two 15-year-old girls to help me be curious and come up with different ways to use the emotional culture deck in school. We came up with different ideas and different questions we could use it for. For example for an assignment: how do we want to feel during the assignment? And what might we feel but don't want to feel as we go through it? We also talked about interactions with teachers, especially those that we don't get on with. How can we use the emotional cu...

May 6, 2022

What COVID taught me

Would this be the day that I woke up with symptoms?Would this be the morning that I needed to cancel everything?And how would COVID affect me?...

April 26, 2022

Bringing emotional culture into the class environment

In early March 2022, I ran an Emotional Culture Deck workshop with the Wellbeing Leadership Team of Raroa Intermediate School. They will help me run a pilot study to see how we can growemotional culture and emotional awareness among their students. I was really impressed by thewillingness of the teachers to take on more work even when we’re amid a COVID pandemic. The Emotional Culture Deck is a simple card game toolkit that helps leaders like teachers, ormanagers uncover what truly motivates t...

March 23, 2022

How to have a difficult conversation without losing touch with your heart

We all know that sinking feeling of dread when we realise we need to have a difficult conversation with someone. Our thinking brain starts working overtime and reflects on all the things that can go wrong. Our emotions become heightened, and we become anxious. What if she hates me when I tell her what I think? What if he doesn’t want to work with me anymore? What if they will not understand what I am trying to say? What if I stumble, or can’t get my words out at all? The result? We go into t...

March 1, 2022

Why emotions matter in the workplace

“A sociology professor at the University of Seville, says, ‘As human beings, we can only experience life emotionally” - Brené Brown As a wellbeing practitioner, I see clients coming to me daily at a breaking point. This has become even more prevalent since covid, which has just added another layer of uncertainty to everything we do. Everyone is feeling overstretched both physically and mentally....

February 14, 2022

Supporting the wellbeing of children during and after the pandemic

The impact of the global pandemic on families has caused more stress and uncertainty in the past 18 months than potentially ever before.I’ve been up close with anxiety. I was born with a rare heart condition called truncus arteriosus. There was very little hope that I’d live past childhood and an even lower chance of living a long life.This Christmas, I’ll turn 47. I’m the oldest person living with this condition in New Zealand and Australia.My heart condition started a cycle of trauma w...

December 10, 2021

Finding Joy Despite Chronic Pain

Listeners will learn about coping strategies that enable self-acceptance, confidence, happiness to lead a fulfilled life while living with chronic health issues.View the original article here....

March 15, 2021

The C Word

What happens when the glue that keeps your family together dies? Mindfulness practitioner Emma Woodham lost her mum, Sally in 2020. She joins Helen to talk about the pain and beauty of being present for a loved ones final months....

March 8, 2021

Led by heart, backed by mindfulness

I invite you to read my published article featured in the Unika June 2020 issue....

June 8, 2020

Interview with Hearts Kids, talking about my Heart story and how I use Self compassion in my daily life

Here is an interview I did with Hearts Kids on 8 April 2020, talking a little about my Heart story and how I use Self compassion in my daily life....

April 8, 2020

Life with a Congenital Heart Conition

Born with a rare congenital heart condition, doctors didn't think Emma-Kate would survive into adulthood. But she's consistently proved the doctors wrong, and is keen to share her hope with others. Emma-Kate doesn’t remember her first heart event – she was just a week old at the time. But her mother vividly remembers Christmas Eve 1974 when she found her week-old infant blue in her crib."It was really weird," says Emma-Kate. "The cat was creating a real racket outside my room and so Mum went...

September 17, 2019

My Heart story

Today was a very nerve racking and exciting day I was interviewed by Monica Ferguson for her new podcast Maiden Speech, she asked me to tell my Heart story and how and why I chose to live my life the way I do. Listen here....

April 11, 2019

Facing my anxiety

I have chosen to share our story in hopes it will help others and opens up conversations. I have spoken to my Mum and we both agree we want something positive to come out of all of this. I am know for being strong, good under stressful situations along with being well organised and able to cope well not matter what is going on and doing so with a big bright smile. I am all of those things but for the first time in my life I am suffering from ANXIETY and its a horrible feeling. Most people will s...

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